About The Village Yogi

“The Evolution of Planet Love Creations”....and The Village Yogi

Planet Love Creations was a little company that was established in 1998 in the kitchen of my home in British Columbia, Canada. It started out of my love for the healing abilities of essential oils, my passion for gardening, meditation and yoga, and my endless enjoyment of preening and pampering with luxurious natural products that I concocted myself. On any given day it was normal to find me in the kitchen pouring over a bubbling mixture of twigs, flowers and oily substances.

To make a long story shorter – this all began as a hobby of making healing salves, massage oils and creams that filled my mountain neighborhood (and the homes of friends and family) with the divine smells of mama nature. Planet Love eventually evolved, 10 yrs. later, into a thriving eco-friendly business and yoga studio (Santosha). And has now become The Village Yogi, based in the picturesque Niagara Region, ON., Canada.

My neighborhood is still filled with the lovely aroma of the natural products and candles I make. Now, instead of purchasing them in my kitchen, you can visit here, online, and treat yourself to so much more.

All the old Planet Love favorites are still available (Belly Balm, Heal-All, Muscle Rub, Crone Cream). If your a fan of something and don’t see it here on the site – just shoot me an email and I will make you whatever it is you need.

Help us spread the love – come back and visit the online boutique, or come out and get your bliss on at one of my yoga classes throughout the community.

Love, Light and Brightest Blessings,

Heather Jones